SM450e for NGP use

Cerulean's SM450e is being used with next generation products.


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Video Link: SM450e with NGP

Cerulean - Dubai

WTME Exhibition 2017

We exhibited at the World Tobacco Middle East exhibition in Dubai on the 5/6 December.


It was great to see so many people visiting our stand.


Cerulean demonstrated their new Shisha smoking machine, new Chimera; the next generation smoking machine and the newly upgraded Quantum Neo.


We co-hosted with G.D, Molins, Sasib and Flexlink.

SeminarCerulean presented at the 12th International Tobacco Testing Technology Seminar held in Zhengzhou on 17th November 2017.


Dr Ian Tindall (Head of Innovation and Marketing, Cerulean) and Mark Liu (General Manager, Cerulean China) presented on the subject of real-time analysis of aerosols from e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products.


Read the full presentation with speaker notes below:



2017 Golden Leaf Awards Winner

Cerulean won a Golden Leaf award in the "Most promising new product introduction" category for our SM450e vape product testing machine by tobacco reporter magazine.


 Golden Leaf 2017


Throughout 2015, it became clear that FDA would be regulating e-cigarettes, yet many held out, hoping that this product would somehow be overlooked or that the grandfather date would be reset to 2016.


As a result, when the deeming regulations and the EU revised Tobacco Product Directive came into force, the industry was unprepared for the amount of testing required. Laboratories and manufacturers simply lacked the capacity to test every device and juice.


Examining the problem, Cerulean realized it already had two halves of the solution—a machine with the capability but without the capacity; and a machine with the capacity but without the capability.


Its eight-port vaping machine could hold unusual shapes, press buttons and had space for impingers close the vaping device—but it lacked the required throughput. Its 20-port smoking machine had high throughput but was not optimized for e-cigarette testing.


By blending the desirable elements of each machine, Cerulean was able to offer the industry an instrument that could perform the required tests at the required pace.


In addition to mechanical and electrical design, the development required a critical software rewrite to meet the FDA and TPD requirements, along with Coresta vaping methods.


The company not only developed an elegant solution, it also did so quickly. The first machine shipped less than six months after the initial brainstorming session.