Calibration Services


Calibration LabThe Cerulean Calibration Laboratory has been a feature of the company for many years and has been accredited under ISO17025 since 2002. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service, which oversees the implementation and maintenance of ISO17025 in the UK, carries out surveillance on an annual basis which guarantees continuing conformance with the standard. The methodology used within the Laboratory is thus subject to regular review and the Laboratory also participates in the annual CORESTA collaborative exercises which offer a further enhancement to the robustness of the Laboratory’s activities. 


The Calibration Laboratory operates within a controlled environment conforming to ISO3402 (the Tobacco Industry standard) and covers all the calibration standards commonly used throughout the Tobacco Industry. These include dimensional, mass, pressure and flow to cover all the instruments produced by Cerulean and others.


Calibration standards are, of course, provided with new instruments but are also available as spares. In addition, the Laboratory offers a re-calibration service for all standards, which may be returned on a one-off or annualised contractual basis, according to customer requirement.


Laboratory staff are always available to advise on calibration matters and also welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers.


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