Air Sampler Check Device


Cerulean’s Air Sampler Calibration Check Device is designed to check the calibration of Cerulean’s  AS600 and AS600XR Air Samplers.


At the heart of Cerulean’s Air Samplers is a flowmeter that uses a  differential pressure orifice plate. As air flows through the orifice plate, it creates a pressure differential between the two faces of the plate. The difference in pressure is dependent upon the flow rate, and thus accurate measurement of this pressure differential determines the flow rate.


The pressure differential is detected by two pressure transducers  located in the instrument box of the Cerulean Air Sampler. They are attached to the orifice plate by two translucent pneumatic tubes.


The Cerulean Air Sampler Calibration Check Device operates by applying the same pressure to one of the pressure transducers (the other being left open to atmosphere) and the manometer in the calibration check device. Readings are taken from the Air Sampler and the Calibration Check Device. The gauge of the manometer is converted to a flow rate so that it can be easily compared to the Air Sampler.




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Calibration check device