The AS600 is an industrial high volume air sampler specifically designed for dust and enzyme sampling applications. It provides the user with a reliable system for accurate measurements at fixed locations within the production environment.  The machine is housed in a rugged powder coated steel housing and features a brushless maintenance-free motor driving a side channel blower. It can be programmed to work around the clock or at 8-hour shift intervals. It has been proven over many years in the field and has recently undergone major improvements to embody the latest flow meter technology and state of the art digital electronics.  Operation of the machine has been greatly simplified and ownership costs have been significantly reduced by eliminating the need for regular calibration and overhaul costs.


The control electronics enable the user to start and stop the measurement as well as program the flow rate and sampling period.  These are tamper protected to avoid the risk of accidently halting measurement.  An important feature of the electronics is its capability to continue the sampling routine following a power outage without loss of data. The innovative design and proven components used for decades in the AS600 make it one of the most reliable and trusted samplers available.   The use of the AS600 in many occupational environments helps against the potential of worker's increased risk of exposure to fungal enzymes.


Based on the Newton Instruments Galley Air Sampler as identified by:
- A.I.S.E. Guidelines to Safe Enzyme Handling
- SDA Work Practices for Handling Enzymes in the detergent Industry 


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