The AS600XR is a rugged fixed position high volume air sampler developed in conjunction with world renowned organisations for measuring enzyme levels.  Enclosed in a stainless steel housing and featuring a brushless maintenance-free motor driving a side channel blower, the machine is powered via 110V, 240V and provides run times up to 336 hours and volumetric sampling rates to 750 L/min with correction for temperature and pressure change. 


The AS600XR has the capability of automatically correcting the volumetric sampling rate for filter pressure changes to maintain constant flow accuracy of ±4 % over the sampling rate range of 300 – 750 L/ min.


This feature enables the AS600XR to operate over extended periods in relatively contaminated environments.


Accurate air volumes are adjusted automatically and the integral temperature sensor corrects flow for changes in flow temperature without loss of flow accuracy or the need to calculate and use manual correction factors.


An important feature of the electronics is its capability to continue the sampling routine following a power interruption without loss of data.


An optional extending arm and sampling head assembly is available on request.

Based on the Newton Instruments Galley Air Sampler as identified by:
- A.I.S.E. Guidelines to Safe Enzyme Handling
- SDA Work Practices for Handling Enzymes in the detergent Industry 



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