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The LCT is an instrument that was specifically conceived to help verify and improve the quality of cartons destined for high speed packing lines.



This instrument measures three important carton parameters, crease torque (or score bend test), carton forming torque (Box form) and spring back with an optional friction test between two cartons.



The instrument’s uniqueness stems from the fact that it measures the torque necessary to open a whole carton and is used to characterise poorly performing cartons or compare carton boards and designs. This measurement is performed by rotating the complete carton thus reproducing the action of an epicyclical cartoning machine.



The LCT can be operated in standalone mode or can be connected to a computer running the data analysis tool.  In the latter case, a real time graphical display provides a live view of carton performance making it easy to compare carton batches or carton types as well as results from different manufacturing sites.  More fundamentally, these measurements can be used for set up and monitoring of die and machine maintenance schedules.




The size and construction of the instrument together with the ease of measurement calibration, makes it perfect for production testing in the lab of large cartons with creases up to 590 cm long made from board or corrugated up to 8mm thickness.





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