e-Cigarette Testing


Since the launch of Molins Cerulean's dedicated electronic cigarette tester, the CETI8, in September 2013 at TSRC (Tobacco Science Research Conference) in Williamsberg, Virgina, Molins Cerulean have continued to design and develop new testing equipment for electronic cigarettes.


Our aim is to provide testing solutions for our customers be it a stock item or a device that requires adapting to meet the requirements of routine or research analysis.


From the CETI8 vaping machine, to the pressure drop testing range of devices, Molins Cerulean has close links to the developing demands and future legislative requirements of manufacturers and distributors and strives to be at the forefront of testing equipment.


From attending e-cigarette conferences to Parliamentary group discussion, Molins Cerulean has close-ties to the industry and is a recognised contributor to e-cigarette testing.


Molins Cerulean’s E-cigarette History


September 2013:

Prototype CETI8 displayed at TSRC (Tobacco Science Research Conference)


January 2014:

CETI8 made commercially available


July 2014:

CETI8 Mk2 launched following customer feedback


January 2015:

CETI8 Mk3 launched to include push-button activation kit


February 2015:

EPD100 made commercially available


June 2015:

EPD200 made commercially available


August 2015:

CETI8 Mk3 Angled vaping kit launched


January 2016:

ECT100 made commercially available


August 2016:

SM450e 20 channel e-cigarette machine launched



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