FPS-1 tube packer


FPS SilverDesigned to incorporate the very latest technology, the FPS-1 is a tube packing system to meet not only the current needs of the industry, but also the future demands of manufacturers throughout the world.

The FPS-1 can handle aluminium, laminate or plastic, flexible or rigid tubes and cans. It packs items of 10-60mm in diameter, and from 50-300mm in length at varying speeds up to 300 per minute.

The FPS-1 is remarkably quick and simple to set up and is exceptionally user-friendly and reliable. Size change for both diameter and box are semi-automatic, and can be achieved in less than 5 minutes. A compact design with a small footprint, the FPS-1 will fit easily in to any factory floor. There is also a choice of right or left entry for products, with full boxes elevated to exit either to the left or right, front or rear.

A sophisticated built in diagnostic system provides all the assistance that any operator could hope for. Little operator attention is required, even when operating at full capacity.

The Cerulean FPS-1 Packing System provides a truly complete packing solution.


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