Tube in-feed conveyors


Cerulean tube in-feed conveyors are designed for smooth and efficient transportation of tubes from the tube maker, capping machine or latexing equipment to the Cerulean tube packing unit.


The in-feed conveyors are fully adjustable and move manufactured tubes along a roller track that facilitates maximum speed flexibility, allowing tubes to accumulate and go, automatically feeding into the packer without any impact on the overall packing process.


The conveyors are electronically controlled from the tube packer for trouble-free feeding. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are fully CE marked. Each conveyor is enclosed for maximum safety and to ensure hygiene requirements and controlled manufacturing conditions are met.


The Cerulean engineering team is highly skilled in carrying out site surveys and will provide technical advice on the best tube in-feed conveyor system to suit each requirement.



TIC Options

Cerulean tube in-feed conveyors come in standard roller track lengths and can also be custom made to suit each application. They are available at a fixed standard height or for variable and multiple levels.


Bucket conveyors are also available to manage variable in-feed heights. These are driven from the tube maker using either a drive and gearbox or a servo motor linked to an electronic pulse.


Other types are available such as walking beam conveyors to handle the challenges of slower tube packing lines.


Cerulean tube in-feed conveyors are available as a standalone unit or as part of a tube packing package.


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