Products & Services

Tobacco C2

Instrumentation for testing physical properties of cigarettes, cigars and filter rods and their raw materials for quality control and quality assurance purposes.


Vape Product Testing CETI 8 With Vape And Switches Lo Res

Dedicated testing equipment for testing vape products including e-cigarettes and new generation products.


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Packing Machinery FPS

Cerulean's packaging systems provide a complete packing solution for flexible tube and container manufacturers. The range offers flexibility, versatility and compact design to set a new standard for packing machinery.


Carton Testing PCT With Trans

Cerulean Carton Testers measure crease strength, box forming force and frictional properties in preformed cartons. They are used where carton board, corrugated or waxed packaging is manufactured, stored or used for high-speed packing.


Air Sampling Air Sampler

The Newton Air Sampler is widely used in the enzyme and detergent manufacturing industries and is a proven machine used for sampling workplace atmospheres for enzyme levels.


Celsius Instruments Midi 308X131

Celsius Instruments is a compact non-invasive temperature measurement device.




Bespoke Solutions Bespoke

Cerulean have a dedicated 'Eureka Team' innovations team with access to state of the art 3D printers for fast,flexible solutions to meet your requirements.


Aftersales Customer Services

Focused on delivering first class customer service to meet the demands of spares, routine service, repair, training and Calibration Services.