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Now compliant to CRM81, the CETI 8 (Cerulean e-Cigarette Testing Instrument) provides eight ports for testing between one and eight electronic cigarettes.


Conforming to CRM#81, the CETI8 has the capability to be configured for fixed puff operation with clearing puff options per sample and/or per run.


The CETI 8 offers the user the ability to program a puffing routine for establishing delivery from various e-Cigarette devices. The User can select puff shape, volume, duration, interval and number of puffs taken allowing capture on a filter pad for off-line chemical analysis.


The unit is a stand-alone device that contains a 10.5 inch touch-screen display which is used for entry of test parameters and display of results. The in-built PC running a Windows 7™ operating system provides an output interface to a printer, a LIMS system and the internal MSSQL Database.



The output from each sample is passed through a CFH      (Cambridge filter holder) fitted with a glass fiber filter pad, which is removed after each test for weighing and then sent for subsequent chemical analysis. The before and after weights can be entered to establish delivery mass. The results are then stored in a database for later evaluation or printing.



The latest version of CETI 8 device includes the capability to use up to two impinger trapping systems per channel for capture methodology. 



The software allows the operator to setup libraries and test regimes and is fully password protected with administrator defined user profiles.




New upgrades are now available for the CETI8:

  • Angled vaping kit
  • Button-activation kit
  • Impinger capture system


Angled Vaping and Button-activation kits:

CETI-8-with -Vape -and -Switches -Lo -Res

With the possibility to vape at 15⁰ intervals between +90° and -90⁰ from the horizontal position. The samples can be angled in two banks of four. The samples are held safely and securely.


With the increase in availability of product with button activation, the CETI8 button-activation kit allows the user to define a delay from the button being pressed to the vape being taken. From 0 to 5 seconds, the device can be configured to meet your specific testing needs.




Impinger capture system:

I Phone 006


The impinger kit allows users to connect 2 glass impinger capture devices per channel.

Captured particles can then be analysed off-line. Each kit comprises of 16 glass impingers, 2 impinger trays and all connection parts for 8 channels of the CETI8. 








 Read about how the CETI8 meets CRM81 below:


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