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With the number of regular e-cigarette and next generation product users increasing, a greater understanding of the impact of e-juice vapour and heat-not-burn aerosol on biological systems is needed. Cigarette exposure systems have been available for years but now industry demands a dedicated continuous vapour machine for next generation products.



Chimera for the comprehensive study of the effects of aerosol vapours on primary cultures and cell lines.


The Chimera has been developed for such studies and produces a continuous vapour stream for exposing in-vitro biological systems for the comprehensive analysis of the effects of e-juice vapour and heat-not-burn smoke on primary cultures and cell lines.




Chimera has been designed with toxicologists for toxicologists.


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With sophisticated software it is possible to configure Chimera to create a continuous vapour which consists of the entire life of an e-cigarette or next generation product, from the first initial puffs through to the last, all combined together in the continuous aerosol output, using up to 30 ports at a time. With 21CFRpart11 compliance as standard, the machine meets the strict auditing requirements needed for today’s stringent, traceable, demands.




The flexible vaping machine, ideal for next generation product aerosol capture and cell culture exposure studies.


The Chimera can be configured to create continuous vapour for any stage of the e-cigarette life. For example comparing the exposure effects of the first 50 puffs with the last 50 would allow greater understanding of the effects of coil annealing, e-juice delivery and vapour generation performance on biological systems.




Unique and revolutionary.


Chimera J

Due to the high water content of e-cigarette and heat-not-burn vapour, the Chimera has temperature control to reduce premature aerosol condensation. Angled vaping over 180° is possible during use to mimic how people hold vaping products. Your user defined regime allows the Chimera to be configured for any duration of experiment along with variable puff volume, shape, puff duration, puff interval, temperature, angle, puff count per piece, total puffs required, and has an optional delayed start for ‘whole vapour life’ generation. Alternatively for capture analysis, standard 44mm filter pads and holders can be used for off-line analysis of glycerine, propylene glycol, water, flavours and nicotine by Gas Chromatographic Analysis.


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