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The Cerulean Electronic Cigarette Tester (ECT-100) is designed to test electronic cigarettes for Pressure Drop, Optical Vapour Density, and LED Functionality.

The LED functionality tests include ON-OFF, safety shut off, blinks, and different color detection. The data is stored in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format allowing for easy import into your data collection system.

An administrator can setup the system by providing the flow rate, puff duration, and product specifications before testing.
With configurable User Accounts, the ECT100 can be function restricted by operator including, measure only, calibrate all access-controlled by password.

Using a lead-screw controlled puff engine, the ECT can be configured to take a user-defined volume, puff duration and puff interval, it is possible to check each device with a Pass/Fail criteria for operation of the LED and vapour density.

With an easy-to-use touchscreen, the pass/fail results can be read and understood with ease.



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