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The EPD200 (Cerulean e-Cigarette Pressure Drop Testing
Instrument) provides a single port for testing electronic and traditional cigarettes.



The EPD200 offers the user the ability to measure the
pressure drop of e-cigarettes in the “dry” state using pressure where the e-cigarette is not activated, as well as testing in the "wet" state using vacuum where the e-cigarette is activated.



The unit is a stand-alone device that contains an LCD display which displays the results. An external 9V power supply provides power to the instrument.



A filter pad is fited in a Cambridge Filter Holder to collect vapour during vacuum (wet) measurements. 



For pressure (dry) measurements, the unit can be simply calibrated using an optional 100mmWG calibration standard (other values also available). Different diameter e-cigarette devices can be accommodated through addition of simple change parts / sleeves.



The measurement mode is selected, the sample is simply placed into the holder, the pressure drop will be measured and the result displayed on the LCD display.





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