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Taking the reliable and trusted puff engine and control electronics from the SM450 and combining it with the revolutionary angled vaping and push-button control from the CETI8 has allowed us to create the SM450e; a 20 channel e-cigarette vaping machine.



The SM450e is a development of the SM450 smoking machine and uses 20 individual aluminium bore electronic stepper motor controlled puff engines. These are resistant to changes in ambient temperature and therefore help to make the control of puff volumes easier.



The output from each sample is passed through a CFH (Cambridge Filter Holder) fitted with a glass fibre filter pad, which is removed after each test for weighing and then sent for subsequent chemical analysis. The before and after weights can be entered to establish delivery mass. The results are then stored in a database for later evaluation or printing.



The spacious work area allows the fitting of multiple impingers, cryogenic traps and electrostatic precipitators for sophisticated capture experiments.



All parameters of the vaping process are PC controlled and all results are stored on a database, with reports easily prepared and printed.



Automatic button actuation and angled vaping is possible on the SM450e, with the ability to vape at 15° intervals between +90° and –90°.



Vaping is controlled in banks of 5 allowing 4 different vaping regimes, angles and pre-puff button activation allowing flexible and efficient use of the 20-channel vaping machine. 


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