Vapour aerosol detection system for the CETI8

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  • تكنلوجيا: E-cig testing
  • الصناعة: Next Generation Products
  • قطعة: Hybrid, Vapour, Heat-not-burn

معلومات مفصّلة

عُمق الآلة (ملم)900
ارتفاع الآلة (ملم)490
طول الآلة (ملم)620
وزن الآلة (كغم)47
المزيد من المعلومات
معلومات أخرىThe End-point Detection System (EDS) for the CETI8 monitors the vapour aerosol opacity from electronic cigarettes or Heat-Not-Burn products. Todays equipment carries out experiments based on predetermined puff count but knowing when a product ceases to deliver vapour is a key performance characteristic. Ceruleans End-point Detection System monitors vapour opacity on a puff-by-puff basis for whole-life product testing. Configurable warning levels can alert the user or end the vaping test, allowing precise delivery information of tested samples.
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