Tobacco Product Testing


Instrumentation for testing physical properties of cigarettes, cigars and filter rods and their raw materials for quality control and quality assurance purposes.


Smoking Machines

Smoking Machine

Linear & rotary smoking machines for regulatory and research smoking for cigarettes, cigar and electronic cigarettes.





Material Testing

Materials Testing

A range of instrumentation for testing properties and the integrity of packing materials and packs.




Packing Machinery


Cerulean offer automated tube packing machines reducing the manual requirements of high-speed tube manufacturing.



Carton Testing

PCT With Trans







Cerulean Carton Testers measure crease strength, box forming force and frictional properties in preformed cartons. They are used throughout the supply chain where carton board, corrugated or waxed packaging is manufactured, stored or used for high-speed packing.


Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions







Cerulean have a dedicated 'Eureka Works' innovations team with access to state of the art 3D printers for fast,flexible solutions to meet your requirements.