The future is our responsibility

Eco Cartoning

Packing recycled material

Businesses globally are aware of the need to use more and more recyclable materials for their products and collapsible tubes is no exception. To allow this to happen the packing machines need to cope with the different characteristics of recyclable materials.

Cerulean has worked closely with tube manufacturers to ensure that our collapsible tube packing machines work as fast and efficiently with new style tubes as for conventional tubes meaning one less thing to worry about when diversifying your production line to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Re-manufactured packer

Bring your existing Cerulean equipment up to modern-day standards by replacing dated or worn items with brand new leading-edge technology. Replacing old for new has the benefit of increased functionality for your machine whilst extending its working life. Remanufacturing is cost-effective, and saves the environmental impact of disposal of old equipment.

Cerulean can offer packages to remanufacture your machines which involves a complete overhaul for your existing tube packer that overcomes obsolescence to offer a future proof platform for all generations of Cerulean FPS-1 Tube Packing Systems. We enable you to handle complex infeed systems and accommodate the more complicated safety circuitry needed when working in synchronisation with modern upstream and downstream integrated production line equipment.

Eco Cartoning