End-point Detection System

New End-point Detection System

End-point Detection System

Cerulean proudly announce the launch of the standalone End-point Detection System (EDS) that is specially designed for research and quality assurance applications for E-cigarettes and Tobacco Heated Products (THPs).

The standalone EDS monitors and records aerosol opacity on a puff-by-puff basis in real-time, triggering an alarm when the vapour opacity drops below a threshold set by the user.

This standalone solution enables a variety of aerosol generating machines to benefit from this innovative technology. The standalone EDS comprises of aerosol detecting sensor head (up to 30 heads), USB network interface and a portable laptop with installed intuitive software.

With the built-in data logging capability, users can seamlessly store, retrieve and analyse the data captured during experiments off-line. The standalone EDS is a great analytical tool that offers users the ability to monitor in real-time the uniform delivery of aerosol vapour from E-cigarettes and Tobacco Heating Products under test.

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