Product Launch: End-point Detection for your CETI8


The CETI8 EDS Field upgrade kit has been created to enable customers to equip their CETI8 machines with a robust end of vaping cycle system based on aerosol vapour opacity measurement.

The fibre-optic system requires very little maintenance and is easily calibrated to work with a wide range of vaping products.

Advantages and Features

  • Real-time monitoring of aerosol density
  • Measures opacity directly at the CFH
  • Fast and sensitive measurements
  • Intuitive software
  • User-configurable alarm warning levels
  • Ideal for laboratory and factory testing applications
  • Seamlessly retro-fitted to existing CETI8 machines
  • Designed and suitable for a wide range of vaping devices


Read more here: https://www.cerulean.com/en/solutions/product/eds-for-ceti8

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