Product Launch

Enhanced functionality for the SM450e


We are proud to introduce the newly improved, golden leaf award winning SM450e vaping machine, enhanced with exciting features to cater for e-cigarette and Tobacco Heating Product (THP) applications.


This new 20-channel high-throughput vaping machine now operates on Windows 10 platform and is equipped with additional features such as End-point Detection System (EDS) for real-time monitoring of aerosol density, and 21 CFR part 11 for compliance with the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) stringent data security regulations.


The SM450e complies with CORESTA Recommended Methods #81 (CRM 81) and offers alternative analytes capturing methods such as liquid impingers and electrostatic precipitation which makes it an ideal machine for a wide range of e-cigarette and THP testing applications.


Watch the video here: Link

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