CETI Range

A range of vaping instruments for e-cigatettes, Tobacco Heated Products and cannabis vape products

معلومات أساسية

  • تكنلوجيا: E-cig testing
  • الصناعة: Next Generation Products, Hemp
  • قطعة: Hybrid, Vapour, Heat-not-burn, HNB, Liquid

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معلومات أخرىThe CETI range of instruments offers machines for vaping electronic cigarettes, Tobacco Heated Products, and cannabis vape devices. The machines offer the user the ability to program a vaping routine for establishing delivery from various products. The user can select puff shape, volume, duration, interval, and the number of puffs taken allowing capture on a filter pad, electro-static precipitator, or by impingers for offline chemical analysis. Some of the CETI range can be used in accordance with CRM81. The CETI5 is a continuous aerosol generation device.
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CETI8 ETS A.2022.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
CETI8 datasheet.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
CETI5 datasheet.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
CETI1 datasheet.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
CETI Heater Jacket datasheet.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
CETI5 - Continuous aerosol generatorWATCH

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