Smoking Accessories

Cerulean offer a wide range of accessories for use with your smoking machines.

معلومات أساسية

  • تكنلوجيا: Smoking & Vaping Equipment
  • الصناعة: Tobacco
  • قطعة: Cigarettes, Cigars & Cigarillos, Make Your Own, Vapour, Heat-not-burn, Hybrid


​Cerulean offer a range of accessories which can be used with your smoking machines. From equipment to validate your smoking runs, through to product holders for other tobacco products, we have all that you need to enhance the functionality of your Cerulean smoking machines.

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Soap film burette range A.2021.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
Vent Blocking Holders A.2021.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
ETS A.2021.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
VOL100 A.2022.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
VFA450RH A.2021.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
VPS104D A.2023.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
PDSP TE A.2021.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
Beedi holder A.2023.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
Horiba Analyser B.2023.pdfتنزيل وقراءة