Rotary Smoking Machines

Cerulean's rotary smoking machine ensures reliable and repeatable lighting, puffing and termination.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Smoke Capturing
  • INDUSTRY: Tobacco, Next Generation Products
  • SEGMENT: Cigarettes, Cigars & Cigarillos, Vapour, Heat-not-burn

Detailed Info

More Information
Other infoCerulean offer a semi-automatic 20 port rotary smoking machine designed to comply with ISO 3308. The smoke extraction system is designed to mimic the airflow pattern found in Ceruleans range of linear smoking machines and is optimised for the capture of low yield smoke components such as metals through the selection of appropriate construction material and through a quickly removable carousel for routine cleaning. The rotary smoking machines are suitable for traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes and next generation products.
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