Tube Packing

Cerulean's tube packing solutions are robust, reliable and efficient.


  • 技术: Packing Solutions
  • 工业: Personal Care
  • 节: Cosmetics, Toothpaste, Other Oral Care, Skin & Sun Care, Other Personal Care, Hair Care


​Cerulean's tube packing machines are designed for hygienic packing from makers. They are robustly constructed whilst incorporating the latest control and display technology. The user-friendly colour touch screens enable the user to control set up, packing options, tube infeed conveyor speed and store all settings in a library for quick changeover and later use.The FPS-300s is a servo-controlled tube packer offering the ability to pack up to 300 tubes per minute. With flexible packing configurations, the FPS-300s is Industry 4.0 ready and the choice of tube manufacturers globally.The FPS-120s is a simple and robust packing machine designed to pack up to 120 tube per minute and incorporates a powerful Omron NX PLC and fit-and-forget pneumatics from Festo.

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