Modern Oral Pouched Tobacco Physical Test Station now with moisture measurement.


  • TECNOLOGÍA: Physical Testing
  • INDUSTRIA: Tobacco
  • SEGMENTO: Snus


​The Cerulean Orion test station is designed in close collaboration with leading producers to meet the specific needs for testing modern oral pouches. The Orion test station is an integrated testing solution for traditional pouched tobacco, modern oral, white tobacco, and nicotine pods. It can handle oral pouches of all commercially available size formats mini, large, maxi, and slim.
The instrument measures moisture, pouch weight, length, width, end seam width, longitudinal seam overlap width, and pouch tensile strength. It takes minutes to configure and perform the test. The instrument is equipped with an intuitive user interface that provides key information, a graphical representation of process capability, and stores the data in a network-accessible SQL database. A powerful vision system takes images of both sides of every pouch that are used to measure the pouch dimensions, seams width and longitudinal seam position.

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