Linear Smoking Machines

Cerulean offer a range of linear smoking machines with a wide a degree of freedom of customisation.


  • 技术: Smoke Capturing
  • 工业: Tobacco
  • 节: Cigarettes, Cigars & Cigarillos, Other Tobacco


More Information
其它信息Machines in the Cerulean linear smoking range are manually operated with varying numbers of ports depending upon the specific machine. They are capable of smoking ISO and Canadian methods without reduction in smoking throughput or efficiency and can be supported by a range of accessories, as detailed on the smoking accessories page. More complex capture systems can be integrated into the linear smoking systems through addition of the Cerulean Hoffmann shelf.
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Large Cigar Conversion Kit datasheet下载并阅读
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SM410 A.2021.pdf下载并阅读
SM410-CV A.2021.pdf下载并阅读
SM450 HNB Kit A.2021.pdf下载并阅读
SM450-CV A.2021.pdf下载并阅读
SM450e A.2021.pdf下载并阅读
SM450i A.2021.pdf下载并阅读
SM450 B.2021.pdf下载并阅读
SM450NGP B.2021.pdf下载并阅读
SM450RH A.2022.pdf下载并阅读