C2 Range

The C2 range offers an advanced test station for cigarette and filter measurement.

معلومات أساسية

  • تكنلوجيا: Physical Testing
  • الصناعة: Tobacco
  • قطعة: Filters, Cigarettes, Heat-not-burn, Hybrid


​The C2 has an array of over thirty measurement parameters available to the user including weight, physical parameters, moisture and density, pressure drop and ventilation, many with auto-calibration.

Sampling options include auto-sampling for continuous unattended measuring, a hopper for manual batch measurements and an auto-hopper with 24 buckets for allowing unattended measurements of varied sample batches.

معلومات مفصّلة

عُمق الآلة (ملم)360
ارتفاع الآلة (ملم)900
طول الآلة (ملم)570
وزن الآلة (كغم)60
Attached Files
C2 Auto sampling Testing Unit datasheet.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
C2 Testing Unit - Hopper Version datasheet.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
Virtual Cigarettes datasheet.pdfتنزيل وقراءة
C2 Multi-hopper Testing Unit datasheet.pdfتنزيل وقراءة