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Expanding the CETI Range with the CETI5: Continuous Aerosol Generator

PRODUCT LAUNCH: Continuous Aerosol Generation with the CETI5

CETI5 is a Continuous Aerosol Generator designed for testing e-cigarette/vape, cannabis vape, and Heated Tobacco Product devices.

The continuous exhaust is created by synchronising the puff engines to sequentially exhaust and generate a continuous flow of aerosol. This feature is highly desirable for toxicological exposure studies.


The CETI5 offers the user the ability to program a puffing routine for establishing delivery from various e-cigarette/vape, cannabis vape, and Heated Tobacco Product devices, and comes with angled vaping as standard to mimic human use.

With regimes that can be configured for puff volume (35 or 55 ml), puff duration (2 or 3 seconds), and puff interval (30 or 60 seconds), the CETI5 follows recommended regimes for Heated Tobacco Products and electronic cigarettes. (CRM81 & ISO20768:2018)

Below can be seen the puff engine activity based on a 3-second puff duration and a 30-second interval. The exhaust overlaps by a user-defined duration to ensure a smooth and consistent aerosol delivery.

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