The future is our responsibility

The future is our responsibility

Green business

Making a positive impact on the environment and your business

In a world based on consume and dispose, Cerulean is proud to take the contrary view of building to last and developing solutions alongside our customers, that stretch instrument use far into the future.

Cerulean follow a philosophy with our instrumentation of striving to extend the life of equipment in service through offering comprehensive maintenance and service but more importantly delivering life-extending upgrades and replacements that keep equipment working at the cutting edge of technology for as long as possible.

Cerulean recognise that the costs of new equipment manufacture together with the cost of disposal and recycling of old or obsolete equipment are environmentally high, so ensuring the longest possible life for our instrumentation is both good business for the customer and the planet.

Evolving equipment for an evolving industry

Innovation in cigarette and filter design including heated tobacco products has demanded innovation in physical and emissions testing.

Cerulean with each measurement evolution undertaken has endeavoured to build a parallel upgrade package for existing installed equipment, be this addition of x-ray tomography to a physical measurement stack or oxides of nitrogen analysis to a smoking machine, Cerulean is designing in future expansion so that a new product type means that test instrumentation can rapidly evolve to meet needs and not be thrown away to start again.