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Food manufacturers are celebrating their sustainability success with reduced food and packaging waste


Food manufacturers Labeyrie and Joubere are celebrating their sustainability success through partnering with Cerulean to substantially reduce their food and packaging waste.

This coincides with the UK government pledge to end food waste referring to it as ‘moral and economic scandal’.

This initiative aims to subscribe to leading food manufacturers to commit to measuring and reducing their own food waste as well as inspiring others to follow their lead.

Celsius is the world’s only microwave NDT (non-destructive Testing) measuring solution specifically tailored for chilled and frozen foods. A key advantage of the technology is its capability to measure foods whilst inside the packaging, thus avoiding the need to discard it, leading to environmental as well as monetary cost savings.

Celsius was recently featured in a news article which presented two case studies.

Labeyrie Fine Foods commented: “From an environmental perspective, the machine helps us to achieve fish and packaging waste reduction every day”. In addition, “the average savings made in year one have covered the cost”.

Joubere, in addition, valued the speed of measurement: “The non-destructive method is faster than the older probe method because we do not have to wait for the probe to equilibrate, but with the dramatic cost and waste savings that we are making, the advantages of this method are clear.”

Commenting on behalf of WRAP, Andrew Parry, “NDT appears to have the potential to be a significant part of the ‘toolkit’ manufacturers will need to deliver the challenging food waste reduction targets.”

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