The future is our responsibility

Lasting longer

Lasting longer

Minimising wear and damage to maintain uptime and measurement accuracy is a common goal of Cerulean and the users of Cerulean instrumentation. Behind every piece of Cerulean equipment is a three-fold strategy to achieve this end.

  • Optimum design for longevity and serviceability
  • Preventative maintenance programs and certified calibration standards
  • A Worldwide service network both in person and through virtual tools to maintain equipment in full working condition

Full maintenance service offerings backed by spares, upgrades and a highly qualified technical team ensures that Cerulean test equipment can remain in effective service for years if not decades.

Up-skill your equipment

Your requirements will change over time and this can lead to the need for equipment capabilities to change and evolve alongside your business. Through a continuing program of introducing upgrades to existing equipment, we are making Cerulean test equipment evolve with changing industry demands.

By enhancing your current machines' ability to meet the dynamic testing requirements of modern tobacco-based products through an upgrade you are extending your equipment life, saving money by not buying new equipment and saving the environment from unnecessary disposal of materials.