Quantum Neo Infeed Range

Sample feeding systems for the Quantum Neo cigarette and filter measurement test station.


  • 技术: Physical Testing
  • 工业: Tobacco
  • 节: Filters, Cigarettes, Cigars & Cigarillos, Heat-not-burn, Hybrid


​There are several systems available for the Quantum Neo.

The Quantum Neo Auto-sampling system is a flexible sampling system that can automatically sample filter rods from up to 2 locations and transport these to a Quantum Neo docking station fitted with an appropriate receiver and hopper.

The Auto-hopper allows up to 30 sample sets of up to 25 rods can be preloaded into the Quantum Neo Auto-hoppers carousel allowing unattended measurements of varied sample batches.

The Auto-sorter enables measured cigarettes or filters to be sorted and placed in one of three locations - Pass, Fail and Unsorted. Each location holds approximately 200 rods (depending on the diameter).

Attached Files
Quantum Neo Auto-sampling datasheet.pdf下载并阅读
Quantum Neo Auto-hopper datasheet.pdf下载并阅读