Whitepaper: Cannabis series: Recovery of THC Aerosol using “preheated Cartridge” method

Whitepaper: Cannabis series

A method had been previously developed for volatilising the very viscous cannabis liquids present in some vaping devices predominantly containing the lipid (-)-trans-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol which is commonly referred to as THC. In order to successfully volatilise the cannabis liquid the cartridge had to be moderately pre-heated in an oven before vaping started. It was noted that the process of vaping, if sufficiently frequent, would mildly “self-heat” the liquid allowing aerosol formation throughout an experiment.

This mild heating method, although not essential for the current Colorado State metal recovery regulations, anticipates wider toxicological analysis of THC aerosol that may be required as knowledge and legislation regarding cannabis vapour develops. The method used a gentle heating method as opposed to overdriving the internal heater for specific reasons:

The internal heating system might be device regulated to a maximum power or heating temperature, thus preventing heating to a high level at initiation.

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