CETI8 Upgrades

CETI8 Upgrades

Upgrade your CETI8 with these kits

CETI8 - Angled Vaping

CETI8 - Button Activation Angled Vaping Kit

Upgrade your CETI8 with button activation to include angled vaping.

Stock code 91621

CETI8 - End-point detection

CETI8 - End-point detection upgrade kit

Upgrade your CETI8 with this kit allowing end-point detection using vapour opacity to notify the user or automatically terminate experiments.

Stock code 93287

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CETI - Windows 10

CETI8 - Windows 10 PC upgrade kit

Upgrade your CETI8 with this Windows 10 upgrade kit.

Stock code 93946

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Electrostatic Precipitator Trap for CETI8

The Electrostatic Precipitator Trap upgrade kit for the CETI8 is an 8-channel kit that can be retrofitted to any CETI8 machine to enable the user to collect particulate matter and condensate from cigarette smoke or e-cigarette vapour without the use of Cambridge filter pads.

Stock code: 99310

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